Fight COVID-19 with the
world's most economical

  • A wearable, super smart respirator that blocks 99.97% of toxic air particulates. Say hello to fresh air, on-demand
  • Patented head strap design for maximum range and comfort
  • Unparalleled breathing experience utilizes many of the cutting edge technologies found in high-end devices today.
  • Innovative Air Flow Technology with Three airflow control settings. Users adjust speeds as needed.Constant airflow - Even as the battery discharges, or the filter becomes loaded with particulates, the unit delivers steady airflow
  • Super Easy to use
  • User-friendly -Monitor the operating status of your filter and battery at a glance
  • Audible alarms for low battery
  • Straight forward, Minimal Maintanance
  • Most maintanance can be done quickly and easily by hand - including changing the battery and filter
  • Easy Clean Belt and blower unit have smooth surfaces, facilitating fast wipe-downs for easier cleaning
  • IP56 ratings. Suitable for decontamination showers
  • A revolutionary design for filter cover on the blower unit allows instant identification of the replaceable Industrial Grade patented air filtration system using H13 HEPA Filters
  • Brushless motor for up to 5,000 hours of run time**
  • ** Estimated depending on use conditions


Dual airflow which makes sure that respirator always keeps working
Uses mere 20 watts and can run on both 220 Volt and 12 Volt ambulance socket
Simple Control with minimal distraction and extremely fast learning curve
No installation or pre-requisites needed. Simply plug and play
Designed to withstand smooth usage with no downtime requirement
8 Hours of standard battery backup
Kit Options: Complete, Ready-to-use High Efficiency PAPR systems, optimized for Pharmaceutical and food safety industry applications. All help to provide protection against particulates.
Kit includes: Hood Assembly, Length Adjusting Breathing Tube, PAPR Unit, Easy Clean Belt, High Capacity Battery, Battery Charger Kit, choice of HEPA or Filter.

Why Choose a PAPR?

Respiratory protection systems can offer comfortable, integrated protection agaimst multiple hazards helping to provide respiratory, head, face, eye protection
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